The Bounded Lake

There is a time I cry

Tears pour out a lake

Carrying me afloat

Where grief is humming its tune

Oh the Lord knows I cry

But He sets the pastures 

That bound this lake

Green, green pastures of hope

Oh, I cry in slumber

The people, unaware

To cry, is to be strong

To cry, is to visit the bounded lake

3 thoughts on “The Bounded Lake

  1. You always send one down any number of different paths. Psalm 23 :2 comes to mind when you mention the green pastures and still waters; I like that. Then I am one of those who think is is no shame for anyone to cry, whether man or woman. WOW…:)

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  2. Wow… *clapping* I don’t even know what to say. Very impressed. I can relate with what is been said here. This one of my favourites this year.

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  3. Yhup.. It’s bounded alright.
    Monitored in the lords presence.
    It doesn’t flow into the open seas that others may judge and condemn..
    That hope itself would turn out less…
    But indeed bounded that The Lord may bless you out of it.
    Not that he wants us to cry still… But his grace abounds where weakness seems overwhelming.
    Where our humanity is bare and we become defenseless …
    It surely does make sense to cry in the cupped hand of The Lord.

    -The lord be our shepherded… Even when our tears fill up the valleys…still may we fear no evil.

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