She likes scars

They’re like broken pieces of a vase

Past times, when she, ever so pliable

Have forged a spirit of endurance.


She likes scars

She knows them, in and out

A broken vase, she has pieced

A habit formed, shrouded in her bosom


She likes scars

They broke her, and taught her

And she has learnt, evolved

Master spinner of love webs


She likes scars

And she likes you

In reverse, the end begins

And soon you’ll be in ruins


She likes scars

See, as she builds up your excitement

Spurred on, piecing the vase that is your hope,

Delightful, the wait, the future promising


She likes scars

She wears them well

Here you find out the hard way,

As she shatters your hope


Do you like scars, the way she does?

Do you now perceive the ugly truth?

That, she that breaks the vase,

Was once the one with a broken vase?



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