6 thoughts on “Want

  1. very interesting poem for the use of orchid in the rain metaphor – too much rain (water) for the orchid usually results in root rot (depending on how quickly the pot drains water). i like this because it goes with the general dichotomous feeling of fulfillment/lack in the first stanza – “I wanted more … now.” what happens to an orchid left to soak in the rain will happen to the lover who is not only dissatisfied with what she has, but wants more and wants it when she wants it – the ‘roots’ of the love rots. the use of ‘I’ throughout the piece points to a selfish lover – who is consumed with what she receives and not what she gives in return. the last symbol (of the man’s calloused palm) therefore points to three things – a man who has worked his hands calloused in wasted effort, a man who lacks nourishment and a man who cannot afford the ‘haven’ the lover wants – here calloused palm meaning a manual worker of sorts and pearl meaning high-class. i also like the contrast created by the simile in the last line: elegance/polish/refinement (pearl) and brute force/roughness (calloused palm) of the last line. nice piece.

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