When You Meet Quiet

There’s nothing as worrisome

As a quiet fellow

And even more so,

A quiet poet, who has been hurt.


The days go by, and he stays mute

And it’s his silence that utters,

That all is not in tune.

A quiet poet, who sharpens his literary sword.


The time is nearing, and soon you will know,

When the words pierce you in the heart

From the haunting silence, which was

And now is a poem, firing warning shots!


This is the poet, when you meet quiet.

14 thoughts on “When You Meet Quiet

  1. I take particular interest in this poem.
    I’d like to know why you think it worrisome to meet a quiet poet?

    Anyway, what is the poet when you meet quiet? Is “it” the attack (warning shots)?

    Interesting poem.


  2. Thank you for reading. Quiet people are not the ones who would usually face up to others who have wronged them. Now it gets more intense if the person is a poet/writer. They would rather keep their distance and not voice out their frustrations if they have been annoyed or hurt. For them confrontation is in words. And if you have ever wronged someone who is quiet, who wouldn’t give you signs that he/she is hurt or annoyed, then you should be worried. Such people never forget the wrongs you’ve done them (they might even act nice towards you) and their hurt is evident in the words they pour out in literary pieces. Make sense?


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