Meeting I

Meeting I, in solitude,

I was not happy.

Meeting I, in tears,

I was down in spirits.

Meeting I, in nothingness

I was feeling unworthy.

Meeting I was pain,

I wanted to hug my being.

Meeting I was sympathy,

I wanted to lend reassurance.

Meeting I, I needed to be found,

Because they, they deserted I. 

Meeting I was crucial,

Because I needed rediscovery.

8 thoughts on “Meeting I

    1. Thank You Laine Anne Jensen. I have so much respect for you. I do enjoy your poetry. You make me love what I do. It has been a while since I read some pieces of yours. I’ve been busy with school but on Easter break now. I will do just that 🙃

      Thank you again! Happy Easter.

      Liked by 1 person

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