Once Upon A Time










Once upon a time…


There was an understanding,

He and I,

We just bonded.


There was a connection,

He and I,

We were soulmates.


There was a spark,

He and I,

We were fire ablaze.


There was a misunderstanding,

He and I,

Thunder versus lightning.


There was a disconnect,

He and I,

Strangers to be.


There was a quench,

He and I,

A flame put out.


There was a memory,

He and I,

But now we are history.

12 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time

  1. This sounds as if you are still struggling with an issue from a few posts back. I haven’t forgotten that I promised to send you some notes I have placed some where (probably in plain sight) that I can’t remember right now. You write very well. Your emotions come through loud and clear. Hang in there and the pain will fade in time even if it never goes completely away.


    1. Lol

      I’m fine. I like to write on such topics(dating back to the time I started blogging). But it doesn’t necessarily mean that is my case. I try to put myself in the shoes of others as to what they would feel. Concerning the notes, I’m still interested in reading them. Thank you for reading this πŸ™‚


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