Christmas Eve


Skies laden with stars so bright
See rooftops adorned with colored lights,

Carols chase the still winds,

And the bells are sounding

But behind this frosted window

It still is Christmas Eve.



Beneath the tree, presents galore,

Some to be opened at Christmas dawn

See the households rejoice and feast,

The world awaits the Saviour’s birth

A time to reflect, spread love and joy

It still is the eve before Christmas Day.



People crowd the streets and they cheer,

All come together, far and near.

Give heartily, sing merrily,

Love wholly, eat fully

The King is born in some hours

But for now it is still Christmas Eve.



Anticipation has chased the hours away

And the little ones croon in beds as they lay

The King of kings, He lies swathed in a manger

Meek and humble is our born Saviour.

Christmas is here with her precious gift.

9 thoughts on “Christmas Eve

  1. Wow.

    This is really a beautiful poem.

    Where I live, very little mention was given on TV or radio here of the true reason for the season.

    Nice to know that in the blogosphere, someone actually wrote a poem about the birth of Jesus Christ on Christmas Eve.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m happy you read this. Spreading the word of God is prime in this life. The world is changing, and it’s important that we keep our faith and beliefs!

      Thank you for your kind words also!


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