Kill The Poet











There’s a passion hidden,

Revealed by he the artist

Perspective outstretching an ocean’s horizon

So kill the poet you say,

It only clears out the mist.


Little beknownst to all

The treasure trove concealed

Sour love, betrayal, tragedy bestowed

The poet’s death,a blessing in disguise

The poem born to unveil hidden truths.


It’s the shoreline, it’s dawn’s break

A give and take rhapsody,

The poet meets transience, and it’s an awe

So kill the poet you say

It births only the power of his words.

18 thoughts on “Kill The Poet

    1. Oh okay. Well the idea that inspired this poem was basically how people(more inclined to people of the arts) channel hurt, pain from personal experiences into something positive. Whatever the output it tends to be really beautiful, natural, artistic and elaborate. So be it whether you’re a poet, artist, dancer, singer etc. your personal experiences especially hardships could stir your gift/talent. It’s sort of a transition that they go through.

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      1. I understood that. That was my first interpretation. My second was related to how a lot of people – writers especially – get elevated status or recognition only AFTER they die. Read it again and see if you can see it that way too. 😉
        Isn’t it amazing when writers convey more messages than they meant to? 🙂


      2. Lol you’re also right. I don’t know if you also saw the ‘Je Suis Charlie’ post I put up before this poem the same day. There’s a link and you’ve just explained that 🙂
        The beauty of words. So many meanings!

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  1. There is a magic to these words, as there should be, for you are talented beyond words. Just as those who’ve come before you though, imagine not revealing your secrets, for therein lies the raven’s charm. I look forward to keeping an eye on your never-ending progress.


  2. Thank you for visiting and following Fiestaestrella. As a result, I was able to read, “Kill the Poet,” and it’s another reminder to me of where MY focus is. 🙂 Have a beautiful weekend. Thank you for YOU!


  3. Awesome. I belief and Feel the same about Passionate works which is truly ‘hidden’ until we start honing our passion to the best of our knowledge! – Sagarika


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