The Balloon is Here Again








Looming trouble, miserly spells,

The balloon is here again.

How long the stay, we cannot tell,

Low profits and huge losses, what’s there to gain?


Travelling with the wind, conspicuous from afar

The balloon is here again.

Soaring taxi fares, less frequent visits to your local bar,

As you count your notes, still know that the bills must be paid.


So colourful, yet intensifying our labours,

The balloon is here again.

Lads asked if it would rain pesewas,

These patriots, worried they remained.


Days go by, we pray the stay is temporary

The balloon has been here for a while.

Dull market days, long queues to board a lorry,

Inflation at an all high, not so many can smile.

4 thoughts on “The Balloon is Here Again

  1. Is the balloon the hope of a better tomorrow that we continue to hold as we remain mired in our day to day challenges? Does the balloon signify the freedom from worries a that we dream of? Or is the balloon merely the symbol of our escaping responsibilities?

    What would you say?

    Great verse!



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