When The Poet Went Dancing


When the poet’s mind went blank

A thought suddenly spurred her on.

She went dancing.

She went seeking a semblance of rejuvenation

She went sans  pen and paper

When the poet took to the dance floor

The rhythm was her master

She attempted the moonwalk

She attempted the running man, the shuffle

She attempted something new

When the poet sat to rest her tired feet

There was a sense of awakening

She felt a tingle

She felt her mental safe open

She felt inspired.

When the poet had a drink

A figure caught her eye

She kept staring

She kept chewing over

She kept the image in her mental safe

When the poet returned home

Racing to her bedroom, she wasted no time.

She opened her mental safe

She opened her notepad

Opened, were the floodgates.

Halted by writer’s block

The poet went searching

Went dancing

Was gifted with thoughts

Was again literarily vulnerable

Cured by a single outing

Cured by a change in environment

The safe of the hidden treasures, she had unlocked

And the zeal for writing, was once again restored.

18 thoughts on “When The Poet Went Dancing

  1. When the poet went
    She swore she could hear

    She promised
    We’d hear it too
    She promised upon her life.

    When the poet went
    She died to the tune of
    And lived once more.
    She became an infinite
    In transit.

    She became the nomad
    Roaming the neurons
    Patching up brain cells.

    When the poet went dancing
    She healed their minds
    with her dance moves.

    When the poet went…
    When she died, but lived
    There was so much!

    For though she died
    Her words lived on
    Waking up minds
    To be reborn

    [circa 1317hrs; 20th January,2014. Inspired by this blog post]

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