new year

Burgundy ruffles layering my knees

Stomach in, I can hardly breathe

Lavender filled breeze everywhere,

Soon approaches the new year.

Glass half filled with chardonnay

Diamond stud missing, organza gown in disarray

Peering through the window; blazing skies, and reflecting people

They anticipate the happy new year

Church bells ring, choirs joyfully sing

Chauffeur races to the chapel square

Trench coat on  to keep me from freezing

I can still make it before the new year

Burgundy truffles I savor in delight

Out of the limo, my dress is too tight!

Liquor breath and wobbly feet, oh dear!

Through the church doors I go, it’s an hour before the new year

Preacher done ministering, people sing and make merry

I sit and smile, I  have been too extravagant.

A silent prayer, the Lord has been unerring

Rousing shouts fill the chapel, it’s the happy new year

Finally, this is the happy new year

I am resolute and optimistic

Bidding farewell wishes, I walk back to the chapel’s rear

Chauffeur drives back home at my finger’s flick

Shoes kicked off, dress slits, I don’t care

Next time I won’t be too over the top

Warm, comfortable clothes on, I brush my hair

A cup of tea downed, and on my sofa I drop

So this is the new year I have  welcomed

I am thankful, but tired.

Sleep, I have succumbed, fill my head with wonderful dreams,

And dear Lord  do wake me when I have had plenty rest.


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