The Other Woman



She blushed, her lips she pursed, she liked what she saw,

That afternoon when paths crossed.

Tonight draped in pearls, dressed in silk,

She’s a vision to behold.

Red lipstick, infallible, and a head full of curls

She bats her eyelashes thick with mascara

Always one to make a lasting impression.

All isn’t well , locks have been opened,

There was always a story to tell.

She makes her way past the fountain

Voices in her head echo what she has ascertained.

A pounding heart, she manages to suppress the ‘waterworks’

It will be okay, it will be.

Rage is not her parting gift,

But her sorrow is a well so deep.

Composure steps in as she leans in for the embrace,

He can tell, he’s been found out.

She knows she is the other woman.

Somewhat complicated, he hadn’t been able to choose,

And now a beauty he stands to lose.

As she whispers, “I don’t want to leave…but I must”,

Her perfume penetrates deep into his airways.

The other woman wants not to be an option,

Tonight the other woman departs,Β 

She, she has become a woman with a choice.

A peck on the cheek, she lets go, she stares,

The other woman she is, not anymore.

Her shapely figure walks towards the bar.

A celebratory glass of wine,Β 

For a choice morally inclined.

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