Redemption has been long in coming

Seated on the pews, hope, fulfillment and destiny

Bow, bow now dear dummy, it’s your final walk

Wave your goodbyes; it’s your final passing

Tears of fears, we’ve wiped off

The many scars have faded

You retire, here we sit gratified.

Redemption has been long in coming, welcome to the unveiling.


It’s a new dawn, the knots of the banes of life untwisted.

Clarity dazzles as she takes her rightful spot,

Ipseity comes out of hiding, the welcome is rapturous.

A sense of relief! A moment of acceptance.

A masterpiece is outdoor-ed, one that has been in the works for many a moon.

Admired by all, she makes her grandiose entrance

Bidding goodbye to the impediments, they’ve been blown asunder,

The cracks have given in, and the moulding of guise breaks off.

She stands faultless, and we all ponder,

 In the end, when we are laid to rest, what will remain?

Is this life worth living if ipseity is in chains,

In the end, when we take our last breath, what will remain?

Is the legacy acknowledged or is the memory slain,

In the end, when we lie on death’s bed, what have we left for all to gain?

Footprints of great doings, an infamous name, or will our ipseity be gone with the wind?

The unveiling has been long overdue,

The inside and the outside, both in sync

Fainthearted not anymore, a broken shell

Hear that mighty roar, the unveiling is complete, the mask finally fell.

Redemption has been long in coming,

The unveiling  is a feeling of emancipation.

18 thoughts on “THE UNVEILING

  1. This is so compelling a description of life…… “Is this life worth living if ipseity is in chains…..” There is so much truth in your poem here… And I’m glad to have stopped by because lately my own writings have tended to be diving into the darker recesses of life, something I tend not to do very often. But there are so many wonderful aspects of life, not to be hidden behind them are the more terrible, hateful aspects of it as well. It is such a forceful dichotomy that I can imagine that most people would relate to your piece here. I certainly did. Although the piece leaves me in the end exactly where I started – still torn between love and hate – I think the poem can help the reader establish a clear point of view on why we find ourselves in such a position…. A very well written piece Miss Elsie…


    1. John, thank you first of all for taking time to read this. At the end of the day, the aim was to write a piece that anyone could relate to, and I’m glad that was achieved. Sometimes we realize too late, that we ourselves keep our ipseity in chains for many reasons such as fear or indecisiveness etc. We should be able to fight our inner demons and bring out our true selves so that we can live our lives to the fullest potential.

      Thanks again for checking out this post.


  2. I am in speechless wonder….what a powerful provoking of soul searching your piece here is…
    each line flows like gentle strokes to wake one up …not harsh strokes to shake one up…
    given a choice to think about…. have created a most wonderful work of art within your thoughts…
    Thank you for sharing…I really enjoyed and will take the thoughts with me….
    Take Care..You Matter…..


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