What is beauty?
Is it the centerpiece of that decorated table,
Or the sunset over the city.
Is it the clouds that form up a lovely picture?
Or lending the poor a helping hand, when for them you have pity.
Maybe it’s the fireworks after some extravagant celebration?
Or a new mother’s joy at seeing her baby.
It could be emotion felt from a writer’s piece.
No doubt, there’s beauty in trying out a wedding gown and knowing it’s the winning dress.
There’s beauty when one sees his mistake and knows it’s right to confess,
Our insides brew beauty too, when we cry out of euphoria, when we feel peace embracing us,
Smile with your eyes, they say
It’s impeccable beauty.
But the real beauty is when the muscles put in the work to carve out your smile.
And finally, there’s beauty when after reading this, you can’t help but beam.

24 thoughts on “Beauty

  1. The poems, the collage of picture, the artistic essence of this all is beauty.

    Thankyou for not only visiting my blog, but also being generous enough to follow.
    If you liked what you saw (and I’m guessing you did), stay tuned 😀


  2. Elsie, you blow me away. Your talent is incredible! You, young lady, are going far. Don’t ever compromise, go after your Dreams, and never give up…..that is my biggest advice!



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