Behind The Curtain


Behind the curtain was where I retreated to,

When they scorned me and wished me unpleasantries.

Behind the curtain was my haven, I felt at ease, I was myself, and there wasn’t an embarrassing mistake to undo.

Behind the curtain was an everyday abode,

But today I come from behind the curtain to stand among ‘the tall trees’.

Behind the curtain I used to cry, tears of sorrow and regret,

Behind the curtain I beat myself up, I was my biggest critic whenever I felt I had not given off my best.

Behind the curtain I would watch and learn,
They thought of me as a nobody, but today I would show them, Yes I would.

Behind the curtain I would laugh, I was a mirror to the world, and their misdoings had me rolling on the floor,

Behind the curtain I had the most amazing conversations with my Maker,
He loved to listen and though sometimes as frail as a branch I would totter, I was grounded firm and deep in His Love.

Behind the curtain is a wonderful place.
But Should I forever stay there or dare to face everyone?
Today I draw that curtain, I might be back there again, who knows, but today I come out from behind the curtain.

38 thoughts on “Behind The Curtain

  1. this is a very good poem- and thank you- you recently followed my blog and I am very grateful- could you please pass on the word about my blog! thank you!


  2. Happy new year Miss Elsie! Thank you for behind the curtain may 2013 be a year in front of the curtain for you, and may you find the water fall of God’s Spirit flooding through both sides of it!


  3. I like the metaphor of the curtain, which usually divides the outside (a window) from the inside (home). Home is inside for me, too much of the time hiding behind the curtain maybe. I look out of the window, protected by the curtain, but find it very hard to actually go outside, where people are, where the five senses of the now are more engaged. Your poem makes me think a lot about myself. Very nice!


  4. Beautiful metaphor! Thank you for following my blog. May we all come from behind the curtain to stand among the tall trees.


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