Crushed insides, a bleeding heart

Leaky eyes and a confused mind

Is it possible to rewind and undo the unwanted?

Gloomy days, long hours

And ceilings become wonderful to look at

I opened my door of regrets

Why did I, what if, and had I not,

Reliving each memory is painfully done

Smiling to the world, they know nothing of my dejection,

I’m okay I say, but dying on the inside

Maybe some closure would do, or a shopping spree would kill time,

Or maybe I should find an addiction to let go of all these hurtful feelings,

This door has been opened one too many times,

Find me the key to lock it up

Never again to be opened to make me unhappy ,

Mend my broken heart, and teach my eyes to smile like they did before,

Too many tears shed over mistakes of the past,

Dear pillow, your purpose from  now on would be to give me comfort and not soak up tears,

My diary would tell a story of resurgence and a rise back to the top,

So I lock this door of regrets, and open the door of second chances,

My heart will be healed, and my mind will be wiser,

Eyes won’t be deceived anymore and mistakes I made will be reminders to be perspicacious,

My only thanks to you, door of regrets is for the many cherished lessons you have taught me.

Now is the time to harbour thoughts of sentience.

12 thoughts on “DOOR OF REGRETS

  1. Brings to mind Philippians 3:13&14: ‘…forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead…’ Great piece Elsie!


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