The dreamer is quiet, one to listen more than talk,

His head is full of many ideas, so many plans for the future.


The dreamer is cheerful, his heart never as hard as a rock,

Positivity runs his day, and each passing second, in his mind, is bred a new desire


The dreamer is grateful, appreciating what is given today.

He sees the beauty in the present no matter the underlying effects of any situation.


The dreamer is daring, but knows when to keep at bay.

Self control is a trait and any doing of his has a reason.


The dreamer is intelligent, not one to be taken advantage of,

He makes educated guesses and is well aware of everything around him


The dreamer is spiritual and meditates day in , day out, His Maker, he never scoffs,

He gives praise and honour because every new day is a blessing, and another opportunity to dream


The dreamer is full of confidence and believes in himself,

Discouraging opinions people have to give don’t really matter.


The dreamer is accurate;  in his thoughts he continuously delves,

But most importantly, the dreamer is a man of actions, and every success is a zeal booster.

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