Tick tock goes the clock,

Never rushing the seconds.

Listen You! Stand still as a rock,

Can you have a little patience?

Sow the seed to bring out a new life

Growth won’t be fast, but certainly do wait through the beauty of it all.

Nothing will feel right until you’re hit with those vibes,

Steady not? Dear me, you just might stumble and fall.

Love takes time, two hearts come to join as one.

The wait will be worthwhile in the long run.

Unanswered prayers you might be having now,

Yes God disallows, but it’s His way of saying you deserve a better crown

So have a little patience beautiful one and wipe off that frown.

17 thoughts on “HAVE A LITTLE PATIENCE

  1. Elsie… this is wonderful! Reminds me of what someone said, that when you feel like giving up the most is when you are closest to your breakthrough! I pray you never stop this good work until God’s purpose through you in this is fulfilled! God bless you!


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