The beautiful lie, picturesque

With one thing in mind they only want to fool you

And falling for their hoax is what you do

Then they keep hold of you with a strong pull

They want many like you, not just a few

Then you get stuck to their ways like glue

In the end the price to pay will be what’s due

All because you idolized them like a statue.


The ‘Beautiful’ Story…

The sly sculptor had a plan in mind

To make the most beautiful work of art

All would see and be enticed

So carefully he carved his masterpiece

Using the finest materials, just like a dressmaker would use the best fleece

It had to be bold enough to make a statement

Deceptive enough for you and I to fall into a trance

Each curve and mould, appealing to the eye

The sculpture, looking very organic, geometrically accurate, is all in the name of seducing you and I,

Even that isn’t lavish enough, and here’s where the painter comes in.

His job is to complete the whole package.

Making it harder to see the truth, he adds the finishing touches

Paying attention to every detail, adding colour to create vibrancy

Together these two, the sculptor and the painter, work hand in hand to create a fallacy

The resulting product, the statue
To which we try to mimic and impersonate

The fact of the matter is, its purport was never meant to be true.


      1. I’m yet to not enjoy your blogs (I doubt that’ll happen, though). You know you always have my support as far as writing (and drawing) is concerned! 🙂


      2. Lol sometimes I get scared of that…but hey….we all have our ups and downs…your support is appreciated and I do hope you’re having a good break


  1. Heya Miss Elsie. Beautiful writing as always 🙂

    So I am running around the blogosphere leaving this annoying message with people who had subscribed to my blog before I changed my domain name. Apparently my posts are not showing up in their Readers and I must ask them to kindly unsubscribe & resubscribe to my blog, by just unclicking and clicking on the “Following” button at the top of my page

    I hate to bother everyone about this, but I’d really appreciate the help in getting things back on track! Thanks so much!! 🙂
    – Janice


  2. I can’t disagree with your assessment of the media, but I think part of the solution is in taking the responsibility to find out more about the world. Television “news” for the most part won’t get into enough detail, even when it presents material in an unbiased fashion. The overall journalistic standards of the Internet aren’t nearly so high as the “old” media. There are only a small number of great newspapers left in the USA, but they remain the best, most easily accessible sources for thoughtful, honest, and detailed reporting.


    1. Well said. There’s so much untruth in what the media puts out today. For us to be sure about everything, we must know more about the world like you said. Thanks for your comment.


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