Flat on the wooden floor I lay, endless tears,

I was weak and fragile, but kept my hands near to shield me from his pounding fists

Abused and treated like a nobody, I had no voice of my own

I suppressed my howling and dared not talk back to prevent another beating,

He walked away and I waited, still very shaken,

When I was sure I could get up, I did and soothed my wounds.

It was already dawn as I got ready for bed,

He held me and told me he was sorry, it was just his mood

I loved this man, maybe he was sorry, and I trusted it wouldn’t happen again

We kissed and made up, a couple all smitten

But I was in pain, and my wounds were swelled up

I told myself they would heal over time, for now all they needed was a little makeup

A week later, I found myself in a familiar situation

Tired I was, I refused a session of lovemaking

Pushed to the ground and kicked at, I crawled around to find safety.

Heading towards the bathroom to hide.

The monster I loved was at it again, out to attack.

Ten minutes, and everything would be back to normal, I reassured myself.

I looked in the mirror, there was my black eye.

A badly swollen up face with contusions all over, this I surely couldn’t hide.

When it was quiet, I walked back into the room.

Only to be sent falling to ground when he threw at me, a footstool.

Enough was enough, I just wouldn’t take this anymore

And at that very moment I decided that I would walk out that door.


  1. 😦 it’s so sad how many women go through this. I know how hard it is to leave and how much you want to believe they won’t do it again. I haven’t been in a physically abusive relationship, but a very emotionally and verbally abusive one and it was that same cycle over and over again. I’m pretty sure if I had stayed longer, it could have easily turned into that.


    1. Glad you got out of it. I haven’t been in any sort of abusive relationship but lots of women go through this all over the world.
      Getting out of such a relationship is the wisest thing to do, before further hurting yourself, physically, emotionally and mentally.


      1. Thanks to you both. I am so happy too. Thinking back, I can’t believe that was my life and what state I’d be in right now if I was still there. I am in such a good, good place right now 🙂


  2. wow…your words are powerful and so important…i was one who stayed because i didn’t believe in myself enough to go, but i did….keep putting this message out there and bless you for being so courageous…


  3. If people can learn to get out of bad relationships fast, there’s much less sorrow in life. Sometimes though even getting out, then there’s much difficulty to really let go of the one who hurt you. Hope you gals find strength and courage to let go and not turn back.


    1. Thanks for reading. I wrote this for all the women out there who have been in this situation.This doesn’t relate to me cos I’ve never been in such a circumstance, but it hurts me a lot to think that women out there are being treated this way. I hope anyone in such a situation will get out fast and let go, even though it’s hard like you said.


  4. I was so moved as I read this beautiful but harrowing piece. So poetic with easy flow of words. indeed, any type of abuse is so inhuman and I say bravo to all women who are able to move out and move on!


  5. Yes, it is sad. But, it takes two to tango. Hitting and breaking things is wrong, but so is irresponsible use of words and careless handling of feelings and ego. If people are hurting each other, they must be separated. Hopefully, the man of the house, or woman of the home can take the lead and keep the unit together until both people get help and change.


  6. What you wrote is so true and too common, even in my country. I pray the Lord will put an anointing of deliverance on that post so that every woman in an abusive relationship that reads it will have the mental, emotional and spirituals hackles broken off of her and become supernaturally empowered to leave before it’s too late………..be encouraged to continue being a positive influence and a blessing to others……..Shalom!……Kim


  7. Thank you for following me on my blog, Itsmindbloggleing. I wonder if you would mind if I shared your blog, It’s a Dangerous Cycle, on my blog site. I think I can copy and paste it. What do you say?


  8. Powerful words. I’m glad they are not autobiographical, but sadly still too true. Thanks for writing.


  9. You have made a good thing because you wrote this, I hope that women will get the message and find the strength and sets out “through the door.” I wish them all the best!


  10. How I commend your courage! I have a different story – but the pain is the same, and I feel it grip me in your words. I also feel your faith and determination! I applaud!!


    1. Thank you. I am not the person in this piece of writing, but this is for all who have been in such a situation and were strong enough to move on. I just had to write something on this topic. Thanks for reading, and I wish you all the best.


      1. You write so convincingly for never having been there – I commend you on a magnificent imagination and the ability to put words to it! It is very real…


      2. Well, consider your job done on my behalf – I am indeed inspired. We all have an important role on this earth – may you use your words always to build bridges, inspire faith, grow relationships, and heal the nations!


    1. Thanks for your comment. I have never been in an abusive relationship though. I put myself in someone’s shoes and wrote this based on that. It was difficult to write. No woman should have to go through this ever.

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      1. Oh.. thanks for telling me. I agree no man or woman should be abused in a relationship. . Great write, it is evident because it written like first hand experience.

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      2. Yes it is. They however, are different yet equals with the ability to complement each other. One can not exist without the other hence, one is not greater than the other.

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