Trust In Jesus

He is ever so THOUGHTFUL

No day goes by without me wanting to show REVERENCE

Give me your UNDERSTANDING oh Lord,

Such SELFLESSNESS He showed when He gave His life for us

I will invest TIME in doing things to His will

He will shepherd you according to the INTEGRITY of His heart

NOBILITY is written all over Him

JESUS is Lord forever.

I will continue to show ENDURANCE in my Saviour.

I will be a SUBMISSIVE servant and not disobey

He is UNPRETENTIOUS in all His ways.

My SUCCESS is assured when I involve Him in my plans.

25 thoughts on “Trust In Jesus

  1. i enjoyed reading this post, because, Elsie Bowen-Dodoo, i believe this is a reflection of your living faith…

    thank you for sharing…

    David in Maine USA


  2. Apparently I forgot to “like” this the last time I visited. Sorry about that . . . I still think what you have to say is incredibly beautiful. Thank you for sharing yourself with us.


  3. Miss Elsie, I see you have won the “Most Inspiring Blogger” award. Sharing your faith as you do so beautifully fulfills the intent of this award, which is to keep the blogging world beautiful. I look forward to reading other posts as you explore ways your faith helps you live according to His plans for your life … not “involving Him in my plans” – but “listening for God’s Will as you fulfill His plans for your life!” God bless you!


    1. True, ‘not involving Him in my plans but rather listening to His will to fulfill His plans for me’! Thank you so much for checking out my blog.
      God bless you too, have a nice day.


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