Perfection is, but only a moment…The Ballerina’s Dance

Ballerina, ballerina would you stop for a while

And let me smile at you,

With such grace you move with, and beauty like a swan

Oh ballerina, ballerina,

I feel like I’m in a trance.

The gentle, subtle movements of your fingertips

And the way you move those flawless, long pins,

Oh ballerina, ballerina,

I’m amazed at your dance.

With each sudden motion, I’m held with intrigue,

Like an angel from above, your dazzling nature is what I see.

Oh ballerina, ballerina!

How splendid is your grand entrance.

So lovely you spin and twirl, coiled up like the folds in a rose

With the footwork of a pro, and up in the air your pointy nose

Oh ballerina, ballerina,

I’m in love with your elegance.

Oh but wait! Then you fall to the ground

Your face is filled with utter worry and you feel like you’ve let down

Oh ballerina, ballerina,

Where has gone thy immaculate poise?

You turn and wonder if you should continue,

Perfection was your objective but now it’s all in ruins.

Oh ballerina, ballerina,

Don’t be discouraged, let the music be your voice.

Then you get up and gather composure,

One look at the crowd with a piercing stare, once again you’re the desired treasure

Oh ballerina, ballerina,

Back in control, smile and rejoice.

It’s almost the end now, soon you’ll take your bow,

You see now that your perfection was but only a moment?

Such is the nature of the human being; imperfection is perfection

Oh ballerina, ballerina,

Take your final bow, the cheering and praise heard is the beautiful noise.

32 thoughts on “Perfection is, but only a moment…The Ballerina’s Dance

  1. “Don’t be discouraged, let the music be your voice”

    What a lovely line, that can be interpreted in so many ways. I love it in your superb ballerina poem…..encouragement for the dancer to get back up. It could also be for someone who is ill, for those who are depressed, sad, etc.

    There is so much caring in that one line.
    Your entire poem is just lovely.


    1. 🙂
      Thank you Judy!
      The poem is deeper than just a ballerina displaying her talent.
      Just goes to say that if you’re looking for perfection, you’re only going to have it for
      a moment. We’re all humans and bound to make mistakes. So yes it is for anyone.

      Thank you for reading.


  2. this is lovely…it speaks directly to the soul……..imperfection trully is perfection wen it comes to us humans…….keep them coming


  3. Lovely words, well said. Perfection is such an elusive thing, isn’t is? Sometimes, people who pursue it too strongly lose sight of other things that matter, like the basic component of the human existence.

    Thank for signing up to receive Middle Aged Plague.


  4. Lovely visual poetry with a wonderful message…’imperfection is perfection’. Some lovely phrases…’So lovely you spin and twirl, coiled up like the folds in a rose’ is but one of many!


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