They observe, Then bear out their thoughts They see and judge, But know nothing of the pure heart. Appearances badger their minds They entertain fallacies. They see and judge, And the words they speak, like… Continue reading

By The Window Pane

                                                        When the wrong seizes control,… Continue reading

Dead Feelings

                      A voice familiar, Moves me no more I harbour no feelings Autumn leaves bless my feet I know not how to love you… Continue reading

I Am The Ugly Duckling

                    Today I feel exposed Insecure, lashing out at the mirror Wrinkles I see, an unshapely nose Depressed, hating the person that I am I… Continue reading


                                  Vanity. She’s created a monster. The mirror cracks are visible now, Cloaking the entity once humble, behind.… Continue reading

These Four Walls, and Me

                        When the thinking cap is brimful, I seize the deceiving lifeline they offer. They hint at the cold world beyond So I fixate, and the… Continue reading


I’ve been downhearted too long. Caught up in the flurry of the world. Today, this very moment, I kneel on bowed knees, Looking to find solace  in the comforter’s hands.   Caught up in… Continue reading


I rode my bicycle It was quite a ride I let out my basket Scattering broken promises. I rode on, quite a distance The thoughts vexed me Palpitating, I had no care, But a… Continue reading

Spoken Thoughts

  Stare-downs have cast me in a duel They know not, but I’m fighting. Their spoken thoughts in these tears, They know not, but I’m drowning Lost in the pool of words, plunging… Continue reading


Maggie Dearest, You turn my world around Tell me sweet words, Let thy love abound Spare me even the littlest moments, So my heart may calm Oh Maggie, Please leave me not shattered… Continue reading

There’s Something About You

  I wish you spoke, with the confidence you stare me down with. I wish they’d see, the light you cover up, though darkness eclipses. There’s something about you. Rare, desirable, commanding, Yet… Continue reading

My Lord is Here

  Wake up at dawn, My Lord is good, The beauty of creation, love it exudes. I pray that Thee will grant me grace, For today’s journey in every place.   Even when… Continue reading


Two became one, you and me A match made in Heaven Hit the road in the bright red chevy You sang to me and I was smitten. I held your hand, knowing this… Continue reading


  I had a great fall. I made the world wait. Trapped in a maze, Failed to see the truth My folly, it placed my conviction in doubt And what had to be… Continue reading


Trapped in darkness My eyes speak though shut, Motionless, but struggling within To make as much as an eye twitch I try, but I can’t My desperate knocks, ignored by Stillness Who beckons… Continue reading