He is risen, He is alive

My Lord is risen, hitherto crucified,

I am saved, because for me He died

But today He is risen, rejoice and be glad


No Greater love than that Thou hast shown

My Lord is King, He has risen and my sins atoned

He lives though by the people, betrayed and disowned

Go see, open is the tomb stone.


He Is Risen.




The Violinist


Will these strings betoken bravery?
Breathe, and then I play,
Will these chords console the lachrymose,
Weep not, but how can I?

Will this chorale tend scarred hearts?
A prayer to say, the rest to God.
Will the silence in this sanctuary cease to echo?
Oh how it speaks so loudly.

Will I play to turn back time?
Only so, with my eyes closed.
Will memories flood the hall and offer reassurance ?
My shaky fingers, they fret about this bow.
But I pray as I play.

These strings, my emotions they control,
Forgiveness is not a new thing
These chords, they heal
Closure is not a stranger.
The chorale, we sing in commemoration,
Heroes in our eyes, always .
The violinist, composed but visibly emotional,
Her violin, bespeaks the aftermath of 9/11.

Unspoken Deeds



Behind that smile,

She is battling

Ravishing , charming and  inspirational

But where’s the light at the end of the tunnel.

She is fighting,

Unbeknownst to us,but she is our  brightest star

Behind closed doors,

She’s indulging

The epitome of health in our sights

But on the floor, she quivers and writhes

She is alone.

Emptiness she hides, her nirvana is a myth.

The smile will fade,

That face will be seen no more.

She steals the closure we will need

Injection needles, concoctions and what-nots

Her mind,  filled with poisonous thoughts,

And here we are clueless, oblivious to her secret deeds

She leaves behind her heart’s treasure

Now our eyes are open but it’s too late,

Tears, confusion, grief

She’s left us, gone, too soon.

Why?  We ask ourselves, we need closure.

But it’s taken away forever, dim is our once bright star.

Rest Well.

The World is Asleep – Its Eyes Closed


Some things are out of our reach

So we imagine, and that is when all is well

Luxuries we can’t afford,

Needs unmet, as the years go by

The world is asleep, its eyes closed

Basic is such a necessity, the elite we beseech

Pipes and pumps, they brought us, our plight they tell

And in approval we nod

For a while, we won’t cry

But the world is still asleep, its eyes closed.

Water is life, go on. Preach!

Some remote areas, still sounding their thirst bell

 We must go back to the drawing board

Our people are being left to die

And this world stays asleep, its eyes closed.

Clean is our spirit, our water is coloured, peach!

Our yells unheard, how long do we dwell?

Still heading to the rivers with our gourds

Women and children, on their heads with their pots held high

This sight upon the world, and still it sleeps, its eyes closed

Drinking  from the habitats of leeches

Sick from contamination, our health we sell

What can we do? We pray to the Lord

For overflowing clean water, not vessels dry

How long, world, will you stay asleep, your eyes tightly closed?








Today it happened.




They disappeared.


Today, it felt much easier,

To forget,

To focus,

To let go,

It was liberating.


Today I found a place

To shelter happiness

To beam endlessly,

To breed peace,

A place so freeing.


Today I joined the extroverts

I laughed,

I made faces,

I was the life of the party,

Plain déjà vu.


Today, I figured out moving on

I learnt how to let go,

I mastered the art of happy living,

I didn’t miss you as much as before,

Today it happened, I am found.

Listen to His Voice





I am weary, I am restless

I hid my troubles beneath my pillow

The morning anew and yet they still bellow

I am confused, I’m a mess

I drank away my worries, to feel at ease

Only to be sober once more, and still they tease

I am unhappy, I am reclusive

Missing answers, futile searches

I have been unwise, there is a God!

Only in silence, I now hear His voice

Hushed by the noise of my worrisome heart

A voice speaketh, that once drowned in a pool of self desires

Now I hear clearly, He speaks, I listen.

Renewed hope and happiness, because He carries my burden

Awesome love, Wonderful counselor.

I am hopeful, I am blessed

The Lord, my God is in control

All to prayer, I humbly ask, that this rocky boat, with me he’ll row.


Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world – 1 John 4:4




The Balloon is Here Again





Looming trouble, miserly spells,

The balloon is here again.

How long the stay, we cannot tell,

Low profits and huge losses, what’s there to gain?


Travelling with the wind, conspicuous from afar

The balloon is here again.

Soaring taxi fares, less frequent visits to your local bar,

As you count your notes, still know that the bills must be paid.


So colourful, yet intensifying our labours,

The balloon is here again.

Lads asked if it would rain pesewas,

These patriots, worried they remained.


Days go by, we pray the stay is temporary

The balloon has been here for a while.

Dull market days, long queues to board a lorry,

Inflation at an all high, not so many can smile.